How to buy?

How to buy an ExpandIT Utility?

1. Download the ExpandIT Utility from this website.

2. Try ExpandIT Utility (demonstration license is included in the download) on your test system.

3. Order the ExpandIT Utility from your reseller or on sales@expandit.com.

4. Receive a license file from your ExpandIT Reseller.

5. Install the license file and set the ExpandIT Utility up to run with your production system.

Download the ExpandIT Utility:

The most recent versions of the ExpandIT Utilities are available on this website. They come with Online Help and a demonstration license.

Order the License File:

ExpandIT Utilities are activated with license files so the software you can download from this website is the "production" software except that it has a demonstration license file.
When you order ExpandIT software we use your company name, address, a contact name and email to create a unique license file, which not only opens the features in the software you wish to have access to but also act as proof of your right to use the software. When ordering please also inform us of which ExpandIT Reseller you wish should fulfill the order.

The License File:

The ExpandIT License file is sent to you in an email from your ExpandIT Reseller.
The license file is attached in a zip file. This is done to prevent the file attachment from being removed by anti virus or firewall filters. To extract the content of the zip file, either use the build-in zip functionality of Windows XP or use a third-party unzipping tool like WinZip.
The license file is zipped and the email will go through most firewalls. If the email is empty then your firewall has stopped the zipped file. Please contact sales@expandit.com and we can help getting the license file through your firewall.
Please note: If your license file expires in within a year then the license file is for demonstration purposes only and it will be in violation with international copyright laws to use it in a production/live environment.

Register the License File:

The zip file contains a Registration File and clicking (or double clicking) the file will install the license in the Windows registry. If you read your email on one system and want to run the ExpandIT Utilities on another system, detach the license file, copy it to the other system and double click the file icon to run it.

Right to Use:

When you receive your ExpandIT License file it gives you as legal entity the right to install and use one (1) instance of the software against one (1) database. Exception: ExpandIT Client Control may be installed and used on all PCs within the legal entity but working only against one (1) database. For the precise terms and conditions please request the ExpandIT License Agreement on sales@expandit.com.

Quotes, Ordering and Order Fulfillment:

You can request a quote or order ExpandIT software by sending an email to sales@expandit.com with license file information (company name, address, a contact name and email) stating the product you are interested in and which ExpandIT Reseller you prefer fulfilling the order.

Try the ExpandIT Utility:

It is your responsibility to investigate whether or not the ExpandIT Utility has the functionality you require. When you download ExpandIT Utilities from this website they contain licenses, which allow you to test the utilities. If you are in doubt then do not hesitate to contact sales@expandit.com.

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